Maritime underwater tracking

Maritime underwater tracking facilities are set to be constructed in Western Australia to serve the Royal Australian Navy. These facilities will be maintained until 2045, following a $328 million contract given to L3Harris Technologies.

These tracking facilities aim to offer the ability to monitor below the water’s surface and to ensure optimal readiness. This will be achieved through a series of sensors that are part of the Australian Department of Defence‚Äôs SEA 1350 Phase 3 MUTR program.

These tracking ranges will not only offer surveillance capability but are also anticipated to bolster Australia’s autonomous preparedness by protecting its maritime entry points and key maritime communication routes. The introduction of new equipment designed for deep water, shallow regions, and deployable tracking will supersede the initial tracking range, which was crafted for the testing of Collins Class submarines.

Alan Clements, the corporate vice-president of L3Harris and the executive for Australia, expressed the company’s dedication to fortifying Australian defence capabilities. He highlighted the significance of using their worldwide technological know-how to craft Australia’s independent maritime underwater tracking approach. Clements further emphasized the current and future importance of this competence in the progression and enhancement of maritime tools and systems.

These tracking facilities are designed to gather and communicate data about the position and movement of assets within its surveillance area. They will likely support exercises in both deep ocean and coastal waters. Moreover, the ranges will facilitate efficient testing and evaluation of the readiness of various naval platforms and weapon systems.

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