Missile Strikes in Egypt’s Red Sea Towns Linked to Yemen.

A recent missile strike in the Red Sea town of Taba, Egypt, has been traced back to “the Red Sea area.” This lends credence to suspicions that Yemen might have been the launch point.

Speaking on the matter, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari stated, “In the last few hours, we’ve identified an aerial threat emanating from the Red Sea region. Our fighter jets were promptly dispatched to monitor the situation, and a full investigation is currently underway.” He further commented on the situation in Egypt, saying, “Based on our preliminary findings by Egypt, the missile that struck Taba is likely linked to this aerial threat. Israel is committed to bolstering its defences and will collaborate with Egypt and the US to reinforce security against such threats originating from the Red Sea region.”

Egyptian media outlets reported that the Taba missile strike resulted in six civilian injuries. Furthermore, another rocket attack was reported in the Egyptian town of Nuweiba, according to Reuters. The strategic positioning of Taba, which is adjacent to Eilat—a city recently hit by rockets from Gaza and Nuweiba, approximately 50 kilometres to the south, raises concerns regarding the extended range of these missile threats. Nuweiba’s location, notably distant from Gaza, suggests it’s unlikely that the missile came from Hamas’s known weaponry.

This alarming development follows closely on the heels of an incident the previous week. Houthi rebels in Yemen, believed to be backed by Iran, attempted to launch missile attacks against Israel using the Red Sea as a conduit. However, a coordinated defence response by the US and Saudi Arabia successfully intercepted and neutralized those missiles.



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