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  • Malcolm Edmiston January 5, 2024   Reply →

    We have all this “Clean Energy” forced on us to combat Climate Change. Climate Change is not new. we have had continual climate change since long before Noah and before the dinosaurs. Seventy years ago, I was taught that the earth’s orbit around the sun is not a constant distance as the earth moves away from the sun over a period of approximately 100 years and then moves back in again. It is not a huge distance but is certainly enough to cause cooling and heating of the earth. It is ridiculous to imagine that humans can create climate change or prevent it. Yes, we have pollution which should be addressed but not linked to climate change. What should we be doing about climate change? First is to ensure we have water security. Without water we all die, so we need more dams and pipelines to provide drinking water and irrigation for our food. Next, we need flood mitigation in the form of dams and levee banks. Also recognise that there are large areas where people are living in flood plains, thus they should be moved or raised above the new expected flood heights. With climate change comes a greater demand for heating and cooling, thus we need CHEAP electricity which cannot come from renewables but must come from coal fired power stations. Modern power stations do not emit smoke as many think. Smoke is the unburnt products of combustion, thus capable of being burnt. To let smoke escape to the atmosphere is to allow energy to escape thus it is recycled and burnt. All you see from power stations is steam from the cooling towers. Power companies do not want to buy solar power from consumers. This is just forcing up the price of coal fired power for no good reason. Governments sold power stations rather than spend the money upgrading them. They had milked the cash cow but were not prepared to put money back into them. Corporations bought these with the intent of upgrading and having a long term income from them. This involved borrowing money to purchase the stations and further borrowing for the upgrades. They were just settling in when all of a sudden, their investment is deemed to be a bad for the environment and should be shut down as soon as possible. So now the upgrade is cancelled and power prices must go up so they can recoup their investment in a much shorter period. This makes the gap between coal fired and renewables a lot less than previous estimates, thus justifying renewables. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

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