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In my recent posting to the FRONTLINE website, I discussed Ross Eastgate’s comments on Australian military involvement in battles at Hamburger Hill (May 1969), Khe Sanh, and Hue.

On Australian participation at “Hamburger Hill”, I stated that I did not believe that our forces had been involved in that engagement close to the Lao border – but that “I could be wrong”. I have now been advised by Ross Eastgate that an AATTV member was involved at Hamburger Hill – ie referring to WO2 Max Kelly (b.26 April 1922) who served with AATTV in the period May 1968 to August 1969. Post-War, Max Kelly collaborated with historian Chris Coulthard-Clark in an article: “An Australian at Hamburger Hill”- see the AWM on-line holdings: (an AWM magazine article was published in 2002).

Abstract: “A Vietnam veteran recalls a little-known connection with a famous battle.”

As you may know, I have written and published several books and articles on the Vietnam War – principally focused on NVA/VC in Phuoc Tuy and more broadly on MR3 ie: books include on D445 (two), D440, 33rd NVA Regiment (two), and the 275th VC Regiment – Long Tan (2022). I have also published a 75-page account: “The Fall of Phuoc Tuy – 1975” (with photographs and maps). If you’d like a complimentary copy as an email attachment, contact me at [email protected].

I am still grinding along with my 400+page “opus” on intelligence operations against the communist underground in Phuoc Tuy province.


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