Most of the world will vote within 12 months.

The global political landscape is undergoing significant changes, with nearly half of the world’s population participating in elections within the next year. BRICS recently expanded, incorporating new members like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates. Some nations are aligning with the West, while others are asserting geopolitical independence. Australia faces the need to invest in defence innovation to avoid repeating historical mistakes.

The United Kingdom may see a Labour Party majority, but concerns arise over lingering influences from figures like Corbyn. The European Union anticipates a shift to the right, with the far-right Identity and Democracy grouping gaining traction. Austria’s Freedom Party courts controversy, while Pakistan experiences accusations of vote rigging. Russia’s upcoming election might not alter policies, but opposition to the War in Ukraine is becoming more vocal. Elections are also expected in Iran, Syria, India, and Indonesia.

In the United States, the political landscape remains unpredictable. With geopolitical uncertainties looming, Australia is urged to invest in defence capabilities to navigate the evolving global scenario.


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