NAVY – Vietnam Order of Battle

HMAS Brisbane

2 Tours: 20 Mar 69 -13 Oct 69, Mar 71-15 Oct 71

Together with other Australian destroyers, HMAS Brisbane provided Naval Gunfire Support (NGFS) along the South Vietnamese coast. Her second deployment was the last combat tour of a RAN destroyer.

HMAS Perth

3 Tours: 2 Sep 67 – 10 Apr 68, 14 Sep 68 – 20 Apr 69, 14 Sep 70 – 8 Apr 71

On 18 Oct 67, during her first deployment, Perth was hit by an artillery shell which penetrated one deck. In her six-month deployment HMAS Perth came under fire four times and was the only Australian ship hit by enemy fire.

HMAS Hobart

3 Tours: 7 Mar 67 – 27 Sep 67, 22 Mar 68 -11 Oct 68, 6 Mar 70 -17 Oct 70

Between 1967 and 1971, Australian destroyers were attached to the United States Seventh fleet for six-month tours of duty. HMAS Hobart was the first Australian destroyer deployed. During her second deployment to Vietnam, Hobart was accidentally attacked by US aircraft. The ship was damaged and two Australians were killed. During her second deployment Hobart was under fire on three occasions. The deployment was mainly involved in NGFS in support of a joint Australian/ARVN sweep between the Long Hai hills and the coastline.

HMAS Vendetta

15 Sep 69 -11 Apr 70

HMAS Vendetta was the only Australian-built warship to serve in Vietnam and was the first Australian Daring Class destroyer to see active service. During her one deployment, Vendetta steamed 39,558 miles and fired more than 13,000 shells.

Clearance Diving Team 3

6 Feb 67 – 11 Apr 71

In early 1967 a team of one officer and five sailors known as Clearance Diving Team 3 formed for service in Vietnam. The team was assigned to Vung Tau Harbour defence between Feb 67 and Aug 70, and was then stationed at Da Nang until Apr 71 when the unit was withdrawn from Vietnam. Eight contingents saw service in Vietnam.

RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam

16 Oct 67 – 14 Jun 71

On 16 Oct 67 eight RAN helicopter pilots and support staff joined the US Army 135th Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam. The RAN contingents served with the Americans till 1971. The RAN pilots flew their last mission on 8 Jun 71 and the experiment of a mixed Australian Navy and American Army helicopter unit had been successful.

RAN Detachment 9 Squadron RAAF

Jun 66 – May 69

The RAN Detachment of 9 Squadron RAAF comprised eight Fleet Air Arm pilots operating in direct support of the 1st Australian Task Force. Australian Force Logistic Support All three Australian services provided logistic support to Australian forces in Vietnam.

HMAS Sydney

May 65 -11 Mar 72

The troop transport HMAS Sydney was the first RAN ship to have operational service in Vietnam. She completed 22 voyages in 7 years.

Also serving with HMAS Sydney were:

Detachment of 725 Squadron (8 April – 19 June 1967) and
Detachment of 817 Squadron (1 December 1967 – 16 February 1968, 26March 1968 – 26 April 1968, 18 May 1968 – 16 June 1968 and circa 28 October 1968 – 6 December 1968)2

HMAS Jeparit

9 Jun 66 -15 Mar 72

Formerly the Australian National Line cargo ship – MV Jeparit. She completed 43 voyages to Vietnam carrying military supplies and civil aid cargoes. She was commissioned into the RAN on 11 Dec 69 and paid off on 15 Mar 72.

HMAS Boonaroo

May 66

Formerly the Australian National Line cargo ship – MV Boonaroo, was commissioned into the RAN 1 Mar 67 and paid off 8 May l967. She completed 2 voyages to Vietnam.

RAN Medical Officers

Thirteen RAN RANR and RANVR served in Vietnam. Some served on the Australian destroyers and others with the 1st Australian Field Hospital and with the US Army and Naval Hospitals.

RAN Chaplains

Fleet Chaplains attended to the spiritual needs of RAN, and allied servicemen in Vietnam.


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