Nicolle Flint: ‘Un-Australian’ scrubbing of phrase ‘Anzac Day’ from SA’s public holiday laws is an insult to our veterans.

Anyone wanting to know the definition of the term “un-Australian” should look no further than a state Labor government that just legislated to delete the words “Anzac Day” from its official public holiday bill, writes Nicolle Flint.

Nicolle Flint Contributor and Political Commentator

Want the definition of the term “un-Australian”?

Look no further than the South Australian Labor government which has just legislated to delete Anzac Day from the official Holidays Act 1910.

Yes, that’s right.

The Malinauskas Labor government has repealed the Holidays Act 1910replaced it with the Public Holidays Bill 2023, removed the name Anzac Day and replaced it with ‘25 April’ a day “fixed as a public holiday”.

We did not send Australian men and women to fight for our freedom and make the ultimate sacrifice in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and peace-keeping operations to have virtue-signalling Labor MPs erase one of our most nationally significant days of commemoration.

We did not put families through the trauma of losing loved ones and coping with the life-long injuries of those who returned home, to have the day when we remember them reduced to a mere date on the calendar.

According to the Australian War Memorial, the first Anzac Day commemorations were held in 1916, by 1927 Anzac Day was an official public holiday in all states, and over time became not just the commemoration of World War I, but the day Australians commemorate all those who gave their lives, and for many their subsequent quality of life, in military operations for our freedom and the freedom and safety of our international friends and neighbours.

This is the history the South Australian Labor Party is deleting.

Astoundingly, it is not just this most solemn and significant of national days Labor is erasing.

On top of erasing Anzac Day, the South Australia Labor Party has deleted all traces of Christmas Day from the Holidays Act 1910, but somehow Easter has survived unscathed.

Not even the governments formerly known as the most left-wing state Labor administrations in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia have erased centuries of tradition from their public holiday acts.

All of them still explicitly recognise ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, Australia Day and the Sovereign’s Birthday.

You really have to wonder if South Australia is trying to outdo their interstate Labor mates in the battle to see who can destroy western civilization most quickly.

Do not for a second think that this is no big deal.

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  • Kenneth Taylor December 2, 2023   Reply →

    Left Wing Socialism has no place for any Patriotic Acts of remembrance. They are entitled to their Freedom, you only have to ask them.

    And to boot, this mob of Creations are going to try and build Nuclear Submarine’s. God Help Use before they get any more brain waves.

  • Richard Barry OAM December 2, 2023   Reply →

    Isn’t it amazing? Why wouldn’t these people think that by erasing Anzac Day in the way they want would not upset veterans and the public at large?

    And, they would know if they canvassed the general public beforehand the response would be overwhelmingly negative response to leave things alone.

    What are they trying to achieve, except to upset everyone? There is nothing to achieve. We are a young country and we need to retain our heritage. Other countries in the northern hemisphere are bending over backwards to rebuild lost heritage.

    What the hell are we doing? What is the motive? Why go down this track? What are they trying to achieve?

  • Daniel 521229 Harkins December 2, 2023   Reply →

    to the south Australian govement it looks like you and the labour federal govement are a one turm wonder

  • Rob Currall December 2, 2023   Reply →


  • Anthony John Thompson December 2, 2023   Reply →

    I am INCENSED at the thought of what the South Australian Government has proposed. How dare they take it upon themselves, without asking permission from those who have served this Country during wars and the like. Is this another example of “Rule by Minority” being routinely practised by our Labor Governments? Look how much thought and money was fritted away by the recent “YES” Referendum. My Uncle Rowcliff Thompson would be thoroughly disgusted by this latest event. He would be asking, “Why did I bother signing up and go to war in 1914?” Fortunately, he returned after serving in the Somme, although he never spoke of it to we children.

  • Robert McLeod December 4, 2023   Reply →

    I wrote to the Premier about this and he did reply!!
    The crux of the letter was: I am disappointed that the liberal Party is purposely spreading misinformation regarding the new public holidays Bill 2023.
    Never the less, to avoid any doubt, this morning I have announced that the legislation will be amended to include the names of the holidays next to the date. This will mean that alongside the date of the public holiday, the name of the public holiday will be included in the legislation for each public holiday.
    (Monday 4/12/23)

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