Norfolk Island RSL Sub Branch – Commemorates ANZAC 2024

The Norfolk Island RSL charter began many decades ago.  In 1921 the Norfolk Island men returning from WWI formed a Returned Service League for the veterans’ who served.  For WWI and WWII Norfolk Island contributed more service personnel per capita than any other Commonwealth nation of the world.  A proud history.

Norfolk Island has the first service in Australia owing to the time differences.  We have a very poignant Kapyong Day service remembering the Korea War and then ANZAC services begins with a Dawn service on Emily Beach which is very memorable.

This is our first time using a Travel Centre in Norfolk Island to market and sell our (RSL) packages; this being  ANZAC week 2024.  This launch is late in the travel industry nuances so there are only 37 packages available on a first come basis?

Would you consider distributing this NI RSL Sub Branch ANZAC 2024 package to your Diaspora and colleagues and social motorbike club for ex-service members please?  The package is shown at the attachment.

Thankyou for leaving your card with Eddy and I hope to see you and your friends next year or perhaps in subsequent years.

Kind regards,


Kind regards,

Terence (Tet) Grube JP

Hon Sec

Norfolk Island RSL Sub Branch

Ph: +6723 54848

Email: [email protected]



Anzac Day 2024 – BPT Package (1)

Anzac Day 2024 – NITC Package

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