Northrop Grumman Develops Precision-Track Artillery Shell for US Navy

In the evolving era of smart weaponry, Northrop Grumman has secured a contract from the US Navy to craft a self-navigating 57-mm artillery round for the Mk110 Naval Gun Mount, a medium-sized firearm on Littoral Combat Ships.

Historical naval warfare, as portrayed in classic films and documentaries, often showed chaotic scenes of explosive shots raining down in hopes of hitting the target. Modern naval strategies, however, emphasize accuracy over raw firepower. The trend has shifted from firing multiple heavy explosive rounds in hope of a few hitting the target to precisely aiming a single round to maximize its effectiveness.

The precision-centric philosophy is evident in Northrop’s latest 57-mm shell. Borrowing from their experience in transforming traditional bombs into precise weapons, Northrop’s new shell features a downsized, yet robust system equipped with seeker sensors. These sensors enable the shell to latch onto and chase even swift and manoeuvrable targets. Further, it’s equipped with a rear-facing steering system for final approach adjustments and a versatile fuse that can be set for close proximity or direct impact, ensuring maximum impact.

Notably, this advanced round can be shot from greater distances, maintain its course regardless of evasive manoeuvres by the target, and is compatible with the current deck gun without any modifications.

Dave Fine, Vice President of Armament Systems at Northrop Grumman, stated, “Our cutting-edge 57-mm guided round offers unparalleled tracking and guidance capabilities. This ensures the Navy not only effectively identifies moving threats but also possesses the unmatched precision to neutralize them.”

Source: Northrop Grumman

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