ED: In the past I have expressed my total support and enthusiasm for nuclear energy in Australia. Nuclear energy is often debated due to its potential benefits, such as low greenhouse gas emissions and high energy density, as well as concerns about safety, radioactive waste disposal, and the risk of nuclear accidents.

My argument is that nuclear power is a reliable and low-carbon energy source, which would contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels. It would give us a reliable and sustainable source of power.

I’m very impressed with young Will Shackel and hope you may support the objective.


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  • stevow November 12, 2023   Reply →

    My only reservation about nuclear is it will be number one target for China, if/when they come knocking. We saw what Russia did to the dam and nuclear facilities in Ukraine, so don’t expect the CCP to be any kinder, they will happily target nuclear sites in Oz.
    Carbon Dioxide is the life of all plants, including trees, so why do away with abundant, cheap coal when it provides the breathe of life (CO2) to all plant life. There has been far too much religion, and no science, in the global warming debate, plus all the money it produces for a select few. Climate change has been occurring for millions of years, science has proved it from ice cores, to name one method, mankind has always survived in the past and will do so again.

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