Oceania Precision’s enhanced bolt system promises enhanced performance

Oceania Precision, a leading Australian firearms innovator, is unveiling its latest breakthrough in firearm technology. The company’s new “Inclined Radial Locking” bolt system marks a significant step towards domestic defence production. Designed and manufactured in Tamworth, New South Wales, this innovative system reduces friction loading between bolt mating surfaces, particularly in AR/M4 firearms.

Scheduled for extensive testing on the M4 gas-operated rifle platform, commonly used by the US Army and Marine Corps, Oceania Precision’s enhanced bolt system promises enhanced performance and longevity. Already implemented in bolt action rifles, the company plans to offer a complete Australian-made barrel and bolt carrier group package for the US commercial and defence markets.

Jeffrey Bacon, Managing Director of Oceania Precision, expressed confidence in the system’s performance, citing reduced gas requirements and exceptional results, even when suppressed. He emphasized its resilience in adverse conditions, underscoring its role in strengthening Australia’s manufacturing capabilities.

The new system addresses shortcomings in traditional designs and aligns with the Australian government’s Defence Industry Development Strategy. Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy recently launched this strategy, which includes increased funding and support for defence industry initiatives, signalling a commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the sector. Oceania Precision plans to market its platform later this year, leveraging Australia’s reputation for quality and precision in manufacturing.

Overall, Oceania Precision’s latest innovation represents a significant advancement in firearm technology, poised to enhance both domestic defence capabilities and Australia’s standing in the global arms market.

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