Offshore Wind Farms: The Albanese Government’s Coastal Takeover

The Albanese government is stealthily locking up our coastal waters for massive offshore wind farms. They’re setting aside six huge ocean reserves around the country to host thousands of sky-scraper sized wind turbines. You’ll be able to see them from the beach, and if you own a house with an ocean view, they’ll be right outside your window.

But here’s the kicker: these turbines aren’t being installed near our cities, where most of the electricity is consumed. Nope, they’re in regional Australia. Just like the Chinese-built monstrosities ruining farms and bushland nationwide. If you’re one of the inner-city elites or activists advocating for this, you won’t be affected. Like most of their climate nonsense, it’s a problem for others to deal with. The elites and activists don’t bear the brunt; that’s left to Aussie families and farmers. You won’t see any of these enormous wind turbines from Anthony Albanese, Chris Bowen or Adam Bandt’s inner-city residences, that’s for sure.

They plan to lock up more than 37,000 square kilometres of ocean for this madness—an area larger than greater Sydney and Brisbane combined. From Gippsland in Victoria to the Hunter and Illawarra in NSW, and one of the largest areas in WA, where Albanese plans to shut off a vast stretch of ocean from Mandurah to Cape Naturaliste. Who asked for this? Not us. This is not what Australians voted for.

We have ample coal and gas to power our nation well into the next century. We have enough uranium to sustain nuclear power for millennia – proven and reliable technology. We don’t need unreliable foreign renewables.

But this isn’t the only blow Labor and the Greens have dealt working Australians this week. They recently pushed their ute tax through parliament, meaning the Australian automotive industry – and Aussies – will be paying more for utes from July 1 next year. It’s just a carbon tax disguised under another name. And guess what? No one voted for that either.

Do they care? Not at all. The activists and elites are primarily driven by their own agendas and interests. They will push through anything to gain their own way, often disregarding the broader public opinion or the potential consequences of their actions. These groups are typically focused on achieving their specific goals, whether they be political, social, or economic, and are willing to use their influence and resources to ensure their objectives are met. Their commitment to their cause can make them relentless, sometimes leading to actions that overlook or even dismiss the needs and concerns of the general populace.

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