Online Abuse of Public Figures’

The Albanese government is contemplating measures to combat online abuse directed at public figures, with the Labor government initiating a public consultation on potential amendments to the Online Safety Act in a bid to enhance national safety. Communications Minister Michelle Rowland emphasized the government’s commitment to bolstering online safety and acknowledged the need for an inclusive review process to address emerging digital harm to public figures.

The consultation, which commenced on April 29, seeks to examine the efficacy of existing legislation in tackling various forms of online misconduct, including hate speech, orchestrated attacks, and content generated by artificial intelligence.

Minister Rowland underscored the importance of adapting regulatory frameworks to evolving digital landscapes, highlighting the significance of penalties, safeguarding children’s interests, and drawing insights from global practices. Delia Rickard, a former deputy chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, leads an independent review tasked with assessing the adequacy of current legal provisions and proposing enhancements to address online harms comprehensively.

Among the issues under scrutiny are the prevalence of online abuse targeting public figures and individuals who maintain an online presence as part of their professional obligations. The review acknowledges the heightened vulnerability of public figures to online harassment and emphasizes the imperative to safeguard their digital well-being.

By soliciting input from stakeholders and civil society, the government aims to ensure that regulatory reforms align with contemporary challenges and foster a positive digital environment conducive to broader societal engagement.


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  • Bob Shiels April 30, 2024   Reply →

    So humor gets pushed back further? Sensitive land controlling souls.

  • Tony Thompson May 1, 2024   Reply →

    verb [ T ]
    UK /læmˈpuːn/ US /læmˈpuːn/

    “to criticize a famous person or a public organization in a piece of writing, a drawing, etc., in a humorous way, allowing their or its bad qualities to be seen and making them or it seem stupid:
    Many celebrities are lampooned on this satirical website.
    The skit brilliantly lampoons upper-class society.”

    If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. For as long as I can recall, Politicians in particular, have been Lampooned.

  • Fred Anderson May 1, 2024   Reply →

    The old saying .If you cant take the heat then get out of the Kitchen

  • Alan Foyle May 2, 2024   Reply →

    The moron we have pretending to be the PM deserves every negative post directed at him and the circus he pretends to control. What a lack lustre pile of crap we have currently pretending to run the country. Nice move at the DV protest in Canberra Mr. McGOO. “I’m the prime minister. I run this country”!! You left the “i” out of run i.e ruin, you dipshit moron.

    Some say they wouldn’t piss on your grave but I would go out of my way to christen you. I puke when I see you on the TV. You are so full of shit.

  • Daniel 521229 Harkins May 7, 2024   Reply →

    bring on the election can`t wait to get rid of this bunch of crap

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