Possible Flooding of Hamas Tunnels.

As military operations intensify in the southern part of the region, there are reports suggesting that Israel is contemplating a strategy to incapacitate an extensive network of underground tunnels belonging to a terrorist group in Gaza. The plan involves flooding these tunnels with seawater, as revealed by two U.S. officials. Israel’s military, however, has chosen not to comment on this flooding tactic.

The underground tunnel system is a primary target for Israel, as it has been allegedly used by the Hamas terrorist group to hide hostages, weapons, and fighters, allowing them to move undetected across Gaza. The tunnels are reportedly extensive, spanning hundreds of miles and equipped with traps, also serving as hiding places for the group’s leaders.

Although Israel has not officially acknowledged the flooding plan, satellite imagery and IDF-released photos appear to depict the connection of pipes to the sea on Gaza’s beaches. Flooding the tunnels is technically feasible, given the soft sandstone composition of the area.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the military’s efforts to encircle a specific location associated with the alleged mastermind behind a terrorist attack in Israel. The Prime Minister expressed confidence in eventually apprehending the individual, emphasizing the underground nature of the target.

Despite the potential effectiveness of the flooding tactic, there are concerns raised by residents and officials within Gaza. Leaflets distributed by the Israeli army, quoting a Quranic verse, have added to the anxiety among the population. Additionally, there are worries that the introduction of seawater could harm Gaza’s land, worsening an already critical humanitarian situation. The Palestinian Water Authority has warned of devastating effects on an underground aquifer, potentially making the region unviable. This raises concerns about the impact on the already limited food and water supply and the toll on the health of the population, with officials reporting thousands of casualties from weeks of Israeli attacks.

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