Prevent lithium-ion battery fires.

We urge veterans to always follow manufacturers’ instructions when recharging any devices that use lithium-ion batteries, such as mobility scooters. That’s because there has been an increasing number of fires linked to these batteries.

Lithium batteries can be found in mobility aids, electric wheelchairs, recliners and beds provided through DVA’s Rehabilitation Appliances Program.

The batteries can overheat or explode if they are used, charged or disposed of incorrectly, or if they are damaged.

The main recommendation that comes from safety and consumer groups is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Product Safety Australia recommends you:

  • be present while you’re charging the battery
  • don’t recharge it on a combustible surface, and keep it away from combustible materials
  • unplug the device once it is fully charged
  • only use the charger that came included with your device
  • obtain replacement lithium-ion batteries recommended by the product manufacturer.

For replacement batteries and cables please contact the RAP supplier; details are provided on the RAP supplied equipment.

For safety information about recharging lithium batteries, visit Product Safety Australia and Choice.

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