Queensland Premier Steven Miles Acknowledges Likely Defeat in Upcoming Election

Queensland Premier Steven Miles has acknowledged the strong possibility of being ousted from power in the forthcoming October 2024 election. This admission follows closely on the heels of the parliament’s recent passage of legislation committing Queensland to attaining 75 percent renewable energy by 2035.

Taking the reins from Annastacia Palaszczuk in December 2023, Miles, a member of the Labor party’s far-left faction, faces an uphill battle according to recent polling. A YouGov survey indicates Labor trailing behind the Liberal National Party (LNP) by a margin of 44 to 56.

Addressing this polling data, Mr. Miles conceded the likelihood of losing his position as premier, stating, “It is likely, very likely” that David Crisafulli of the LNP will assume the role. This statement, as reported by the Courier Mail, underscores the sobering reality of the electoral landscape.

Despite the passage of ambitious emissions reduction targets, Mr. Miles emphasized the importance of Crisafulli presenting a viable plan to meet these objectives. He noted Crisafulli’s initial opposition to the plan while urging him to outline concrete strategies for achieving the 75 percent reduction target in emissions, to which he has lent his support.

In navigating the complex terrain of energy policy and electoral dynamics, both candidates are tasked with demonstrating their commitment to addressing Queensland’s environmental challenges while balancing economic considerations.

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