RAAF Chief Announces Ghost Bat Drone Testing

Photo: Australia’s MQ-28 Ghost Bat is expected to undergo crewed and uncrewed teaming testing, for the first time, next year (Photo: Australia DoD)

The head of the Royal Australian Air Force revealed plans to test the Ghost Bat drone for collaborative missions, marking a significant step in Australian aviation. Air Marshal Robert Chipman, speaking at the Air & Space Conference, emphasized the potential for crewed and uncrewed teaming to enhance combat capabilities. This initiative aligns with the broader strategy to optimize existing resources, highlighted by the recent allocation of $400 million AUD for additional Ghost Bat aircraft. Chipman underscored the importance of maximizing efficiency amid budget constraints, stressing the need for sustained investment in defence. Malcolm Davis of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the criticality of maintaining fleet competitiveness through continuous funding. Chipman also addressed workforce challenges, emphasizing the need to address skill gaps and streamline recruitment processes. Additionally, Lt. Gen. John Frewen discussed a new role within the Defence Department, highlighting responsibilities in logistics support and force generation in the space and cyber domains.


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