Radicalization of Europe- Not just in USA, OZ & Canada.

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Please watch the video below. We don’t have to be in the elite bureaucrat-driven, European Union to suffer the same fate as the video describes. We have Albo, who has brought in over 1,000,000 immigrants to Australia, in the last year, 125,000 of them in January alone. We are a nation of just 27 million so 1,000,000 is close to 4% of our population in 12 months. Proportionally, this is more than the flood of refugees into the USA. Most are from Africa and the Middle East, just like Europe. He also has brought in 3,000 from Gaza, where a recent poll showed that more than 75% openly support HAMAS. Visas were given in some cases, in less than two hours. How can you do security clearances in a war-torn country where our diplomatic staff don’t exist, in two hours? You don’t. To me it’s pretty much a certainty that some of the 3,000 are HAMAS fighters and/or their families. Albanese is importing our next round of terrorists. Note, not one of the Arab Countries in the Middle East has taken in a single Palestinian refugee since October the 7th. They are not stupid.

John Taske.


This is one important speech based on our basic historical values, whether in Australia, or Hungary or the EU. Finally, a view of where this uncontrolled immigration is impacting Europe. With Christian values at stake.

A huge criticism of the EU in Brussels. Hence the primary cause of Brexit some years ago. Hard not to agree with every word.

CLICK LINK to watch the video


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  • Ernest Chamberlain May 7, 2024   Reply →

    The very telegenic young woman shown in this article is: Eva Vlaardingerbroek (born 3 September 1966). Wikipedia describes her as “a Dutch far-right activist, known for propagating conspiracy theories and expressing anti-feminist sentiments in the past.”
    Regards, Ernie

  • Ralph Schwer May 7, 2024   Reply →

    Migration is a scourge. Quite so. My grandfather, grandmother, wife, step-son, daughter, and two daughters-in-law should all go back to where they came from. Excellent result.

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