Random numbers have true meaning

THE one thing many old soldiers never seem to forget while ever their minds remain sharp is their unique service number, given on enlistment and theirs for eternity.

They were an integral part of individuals’ lives, stamped on identity discs, copied on all personnel documents, engraved on service medals, headstones and memorial plaques.

Some individuals had them permanently tattooed, often with their blood group in a sometimes mistaken belief should their remains be badly disfigured, there might be an identifying mark.

Service numbers remain a deeply personal symbol and reminder of military service

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  • Richard Barry OAM May 5, 2024   Reply →

    It was fairly easy to work out if a soldier was a Nasho or a Reg by his service number.

    It was fairly easy to work out what State a Nasho registered from.

    It was fairly easy to tell what intake/ballot the Nasho’s number came out.

    Then it was fairly easy to tell the number of Nashos in each call-up.

    Of course all this occured during a special time in the ADF.

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