Richard Marles calls out alleged media misinformation.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, recently took a stand against what he deemed as misleading information circulating in the media regarding the national Defence budget and spending. Breaking from his usual composed demeanour, Marles expressed his frustration with the media’s perceived lack of truthfulness during a press conference at the Indo Pacific Sea Power Conference, where he was accompanied by Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, Vice Admiral Mark Hammond.

The Minister’s response was triggered by ongoing scepticism directed at the federal government throughout the year, questioning Australia’s commitment to funding the Australian Defence Force and surpassing the 2 percent GDP allocation for defence. Despite the government’s earlier announcement of achieving the first federal budget surplus in 15 years, coupled with funding commitments to the AUKUS agreement and recommendations from the recently released Defence Strategic Review, doubts persisted.

Marles vehemently refuted the media claims, stating, “The comments that we see in the media today are just not true. They’re not true. And they really, they’re a pretty scant relationship to the truth.” He emphasized the government’s dedication to maintaining and, in fact, increasing Defence spending. According to Marles, since coming to power, there has been a 10 percent increase in Defence spending.

Addressing concerns about the Defence budget’s state when the current government took office, Marles highlighted the challenges inherited, including a quarter of expected Defence procurements lacking funding. He attributed this to the former government’s practice of announcing substantial programs without allocating sufficient funds, leading to overruns in projects like the Hunter program and offshore patrol vessels.

Marles defended the government’s decisions, emphasizing the commitment to rectify past deficiencies. He cited the focus on acquiring nuclear-powered submarines, doubling funding for guided weapons, and ensuring long-range strike capabilities. Despite acknowledging difficult decisions, Marles asserted that prioritizing a focused and impactful Defence Force was necessary.

The Minister also refuted claims regarding the reduction of infantry fighting vehicles in the LAND 400 project, explaining that the decision was driven by strategic intent and the impracticality of deploying many vehicles beyond Australia’s shores. He further justified the choices made by highlighting the establishment of a long-range strike brigade, enhancing the Australian Army’s lethality and potency.

In response to criticism about the Canberra Class landing helicopter dock’s deck upgrades for F-35 joint strike fighter aircraft deployment, Vice Admiral Mark Hammond officially ruled out such modifications during the same press conference, stating, “It’s not something I’m looking at.”



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  • Alan Foyle November 26, 2023   Reply →

    We have this tool Marles as the Deputy PM and the Minister of Defence. How lucky are we? What are they doing to protect the Jewish citizens of this country? It is not a state only issue. Grow a set you useless Labor morons and shut down these protestors blocking our trade and hurling hate speech like “Gas the Jews”. So many protestors – so few water cannons.

  • stevow November 27, 2023   Reply →

    This Minister talks as though Australia is immune from invasion, so he cuts spending on land vehicles because they are difficult to deploy offshore, what about using them when China, or Indonesia invades us. Labor has always been prone to cutting defence spending, and turning prospects off joining the ADF, to save a quid for spending on their fringe group voters. Now it seems the increase? in spending will be spent ‘wisely’, on bureaucracy and Generals pay rises. What about the soldier who is battling to survive on a front line somewhere.

  • Daniel 521229 Harkins November 27, 2023   Reply →

    why hasn’t any news media let the Australian public know that deputy PM Marles and minister of defence has ripped 1.5 billion $ out of the defence budget the liberal govement has always maintained funding for the defence budget this lebenise govement has got to go at the next election

  • John (Jack) Snell November 28, 2023   Reply →

    With leadership such as this and weasel worded responses to criticism is it any wonder there are those of us who wonder if we are safe these days. Perhaps there has been a major ‘investment’ in the surrender flag industry?

  • Kenneth Taylor December 2, 2023   Reply →

    When the Biggest Threat to your Freedom is your Government’s Best Friend what can possibly go wrong? I have noticed over my years that the people of this Great Country keep making a similar mistake every so often. For some unknown reason they give this Left Wing Socialist Mob and Rabble a run at being in charge of the country. I think it is to give the Citizen a taste of what Life could be like if they don’t wake up and get their act together.
    P.S, I am still waiting for my $275.00 deduction on my electricity. How long does it take to send a cheque?

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