RSL advocate arrives in Isa to assist veterans with DVA claims.

ED: Advocates will be at the Mount Isa Irish Club on May 17 & 18, if you know veterans in that area, please pass this info on.

Photo: RSL Queensland Vice President Bill Whitburn, RSL Compensation Advocate Darrell Edwards, and RSL North Queensland President Garry Player. Picture RSL Queensland

The Mount Isa RSL Sub Branch is extending assistance to local veterans with their claims and entitlements. RSL North Queensland President Garry Player, along with RSL Advocate Darrell Edwards, will be available at the Isa’s recently established headquarters, situated at the Irish Club, on May 17 and 18.

Navigating the claim process with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) can be complex, and Mr. Player emphasized the importance for veterans to seize the opportunity to meet with Mr. Edwards. Acting as a liaison between ex-defense personnel and the DVA, the advocate facilitates the claims process, providing guidance through its intricacies and the relevant legislation, which spans three different acts based on service details.

In 2023 alone, RSL Queensland lodged 6,712 DVA claims. Compensation advocates play a crucial role in this process, gathering claim details, conducting necessary research, completing paperwork, and submitting claims. They maintain communication with veterans throughout the determination process, offering updates along the way.

Mr. Player expressed his commitment to visiting Mount Isa regularly to connect with veterans, often accompanied by an advocate to assist individuals with their claims, troubleshoot any obstacles encountered, and provide guidance on the best course of action.

The sub branch has settled comfortably into its new location since the official opening in March, graciously provided by the Irish Club. Sub Branch Treasurer Kate Fischer highlighted the importance of raising awareness about their services within the local veteran community, hoping that the new space will serve as a beacon, attracting more veterans to seek support and become members.

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