RSL Queensland faces considerable criticism over ANZAC Day acknowledgment of country.

RSL Queensland faces considerable criticism following a notable alteration to its acknowledgment of country for Anzac Day ceremonies, sparking concern over the potential politicization of this revered national commemoration.

In a recent development, RSL Queensland has introduced a revised acknowledgment of country to be recited during Anzac Day ceremonies. This alteration has drawn sharp attention, with Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce expressing dismay and questioning the limits of such changes. The new acknowledgment reads:

 “We, today’s warriors, acknowledge the very first warriors who stood as the guardians of this ancient country on which we meet today. We salute their commitment to an unbroken line of duty that began tens of thousands of years ago and continues to this very day.”

Emphasizing the solemnity of Anzac Day as a moment to honour those who made profound sacrifices in defence of Australia, Mr. Joyce emphasized his discomfort with what he perceives as politicization. He articulated his concern, stating, “I just don’t like the idea of politicising Anzac Day, of saying, ‘Oh we’ve got to have these ameliorating issues, we’ve got to make addendums to what it is.” He underscored the essence of Anzac Day, rooted in the valour and dedication of Australian servicemen and women.

The pamphlet revealed that the revised acknowledgment was crafted by RSL Queensland State President Stephen Day DSC AM, with the involvement of Australian Army’s Indigenous Elder Aunty Lorraine Hatton OAM. RSL Queensland defended the new acknowledgment, asserting that it provides an opportunity to pay respects to Traditional Owners and recognize the enduring connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with the veteran community.

A spokesperson for RSL Queensland reiterated the importance of delivering an acknowledgment of country while acknowledging differing views within the organization. They clarified that the introduction of a new version was prompted by some members seeking a more veteran-centric option, emphasizing that the fundamental essence of the acknowledgment remains unchanged.

In summary, the recent adjustments to the acknowledgment of country for Anzac Day ceremonies by RSL Queensland have ignited a debate regarding the appropriate scope of commemorative practices, underscoring the need for sensitivity and inclusivity while honouring Australia’s military legacy.


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  • Alan Foyle March 9, 2024   Reply →

    They can shove their Acknowledgement of Country up their backsides no matter how they word it.

  • Kingsley March 9, 2024   Reply →

    Next they will tell us they designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. It’s a joke surely. The whole welcome to country thing was made up thing by Ernie Dingo. Its now. Been turned into a money grabbing pantomime, that shows insincerity disrespect to all who served. Its a load of crap.

  • Red Webb March 9, 2024   Reply →

    Ah, Yes!
    Fall Down B Joyce.
    …. that’ll be his heritage.
    How many are even aware that this thing is the Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs?
    It’s now 22 months!
    And not a squeak in support of his responsibility.

  • Robert Kennedy March 9, 2024   Reply →

    I MAY consider recognising this bloody rubbish when the indigenous people led by “Elder Aunty Lorraine Hatton OAM” admit responsibility for the settler’s wives and children they killed when the men were away from the homestead.
    I MAY consider this bloody rubbish when the same people kicking up a stink about lack of acknowledgment admit their preference to eat the people they kill, whether black, white or brindle.
    These same people who are so hard done by Australia should thank their lucky stars that the country was colonised by the poms, and not by some of the other European countries who may have embarked on a wholesale slaughter of their black ancestors.
    Until these things happen, the RSL Queensland has no business apologising to these people on behalf of the members, any more than ex pm Rudd had in his apology to them on behalf of all Australians.

  • Jack Curtis March 9, 2024   Reply →

    RSL Queensland, well I suppose it had to come once again you give into the poor warriors of the past. I also suppose that you will give them money out of the Art Union money that was suppose to go to the troops and ex troops. As of now you can stick you Art Union up your clacker. I have never been so disgusted in a welcome to country.
    How can you be welcomed to this country if you were born here
    RSL Queensland you look after the troops and let the Polly’s crawl to the indigenous people.

    • Alan Foyle March 10, 2024   Reply →

      Would love to know if they are sending funds to anywhere other than to support diggers. If so,my VIP subscription will be cancelled immediately and I’ll send my money elsewhere.

  • ALAN MCKENZIE March 10, 2024   Reply →

    What a pathetic load of crap ,stick your money grubbing welcome to country where crap where the sun don’t shine !

  • Stephen Wise March 10, 2024   Reply →

    I was going to make a comment, but I am so disgusted by RSL Qld that I am considering not using capital letters
    when addressing same. Which would be disrespectful to the members who ARE the RSL. Administrators are a
    dime a dozen, soldiers who are willing to die for their country are some what scarcer on the ground. Take a Vote.

  • Richard Barry OAM March 11, 2024   Reply →

    “Those people” were involved in wars. Most definitely. The only thing is they were involved in wars with each other in this country. I don’t recall “these people” ever going overseas in uniform to fight in the name of peace and democracy.

    Looking forward to someone telling me I am out of order.

    • Warren Austin March 12, 2024   Reply →

      You are not correct Richard Barry OAM Aboriginal Australian’s have served with the Australian Defence Forces. I personally served with two of them in Vietnam.
      However, I don’t think that it is necessary for Acknowledgement of Country to be recited on ANZAC Day as Aborginal servicemen were just another Australian soldier and, in my unit, treated no differently from anybody else. ANZAC Day is Australia’s National War Memorial Day. It represents all servicemen and servicewomen regardless of original race, religion or political differences. We must not allow anything to categorize our veterans.

  • Noel Usher March 11, 2024   Reply →

    Quite possibly “welcome to country” would have been in a different language if the Japanese had prevailed in 1941/42. Or would there even be such rubbish?

  • Robin March 11, 2024   Reply →

    If this bullsh*t comes into vogue in South Australia, my days supporting the RSL will end.

    The indigenes who served are remembered with everyone else, there’s no need to make a nonsense welcome-to-country type statement that a majority is sick to death of hearing and don’t want.

    • Gary Burgess March 11, 2024   Reply →

      Gary, March 11/03/2024

      Totally agree with Robin, same applies here in Victoria.

  • Ray Forster March 11, 2024   Reply →

    Ray. F. March 11, 2024

    What else can be said but look out for what is to come. This is only the start.Think of happier things guys.

  • Alan Raymond Price March 11, 2024   Reply →

    ANZAC Day is for sailors, soldiers and airmen who, regardless of race, creed or religion, offered their lives for this great country. This latest from a retired general is just surrendering the truth to appease a minority group who did not even know what a country was, they had no word for it. They were simply the “custodians” of a little piece of ground that was their tribal area, they could not stand together because they could not speak to each other, they had no army and they spent their entire being in attempting to survive. Wake up There is no need for me to apologise for what my British forebears did or for what my own forbears did. . We are being conned. Welcome to country with a bit of fire and a bit of nonsense. In the old days they exchanged women and fire was too precious to waste on outsiders. What if we adopted their ways?

  • Tony Thompson March 12, 2024   Reply →

    RSL Queensland has forgotten what ANZAC Day stands for. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps is what makes up ANZAC. My uncle Rowcliff Thompson served in the First World War and was extremely proud of serving his Country, Australia. He never told me of any “Welcome to Country” on his return to Australia from his time in Europe. This “Welcome” is a farce. I, as a returned Serviceman from Vietnam, am always proud to march on every ANZAC Day to remember those who gave their all and never returned. Cut out the politicization of this sacred event in our calendar, 25 April.

  • Rick Ryan March 12, 2024   Reply →

    Remembrance Days are about our war dead. It is not about anything else and this welcome to country bullshit is just a money making business. Real Australians are sick and tired of hearing welcome to country everywhere we go. Be it on an aeroplane, a supermarket or listening to politicians spruk this crap day in and day out. We voted with the Voice about dividing this country with an emphatic NO. RSL Queensland needs to go back to respecting their values and keep this political BS away from the days we diggers get together to remember our fallen comrades.

  • Keith March 13, 2024   Reply →

    This WOKE garbage has finally filtered through to the last bastion of common sense where we still believed in a fair go for all and fought to maintain it, in my case 3 generations contributed. To say I am disgusted is an understatement. How dare these people politicise our day of remembrance? Hang your collective heads in shame QLD RSL management.
    Welcome to country is a bloody insult to us all and even indigenous Australians are questioning it, and as for Auntie or Uncle whatsit how can they get away with using a colonial term for one of theirs, because they don’t have anything relative in their language, pardon the pun.

  • john bush March 19, 2024   Reply →

    agree with aii the above

  • ROBERT KEATCH April 1, 2024   Reply →

    Wrong. Just plain wrong. Get back to the 1915 actions that created ANZAC Day. Lest We Forget. ‘Change, in this instance, from origins, is just wrong”. ANZAC DAY has nothing to do with anything Aboriginal or Italian, or Polish, or American or anything else. Just Australians and New Zealanders in action together. My thoughts.

  • David Childs, Samford Sub Branch. April 1, 2024   Reply →

    I agree with all the comments above.
    I think the people running OUR RSL, probably do not want to include this nonsense but do not have the courage to leave it out.

  • Nick Mazzarol April 2, 2024   Reply →

    I share the deep concerns expressed by previous commenters above. This is definitely a “thin end of the wedge” issue. First the social engineers came for Australia Day then turned their attention to Easter and Christmas and now Anzac Day. Is nothing sacred?

  • Patrick Brenden O'Shea April 20, 2024   Reply →

    I whole heartedly agree with all of the above comments , I’m very proud of my service and would look forward to the one day of the year where we commemorate the fallen and the serving , and to be amongst my own so to speak , with other Veterans , I thought I would never ever feel this way as in the total and utter disgust I feel , I will never ever go to another ANZAC DAY again , nice one RSL QLD !

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