RSL Queensland responds.

Yesterday I received a call from RSL Queensland’s CEO Rod Skoda. He wished to clarify the RSL Queensland’s stance in regard to the release of an Acknowledgement to Country released in the lead up to ANZAC Day. He stated that released acknowledgement had no relationship to ANZAC Day it was merely presented as an option because some of our members wanted a veteran centric option for other occasions other than ANZAC Day or Remembrance events.
Rod advised me that no Sub Branch is required recite an Acknowledgement to Country it is purely the choice of the Sub branch.
Below is the suggested acknowledgement for other events.
 “We, today’s warriors, acknowledge the very first warriors who stood as the guardians of this ancient country on which we meet today. We salute their commitment to an unbroken
line of duty that began tens of thousands of years ago and continues to this very day.”
I am still left with the question … why is an acknowledgement necessary?
Ray Payne OAM


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  • John George April 11, 2024   Reply →

    What a load of BS.

  • Peter Knight April 11, 2024   Reply →

    I agree with Ray.

  • Kingsley c?Guire April 11, 2024   Reply →

    Agreed, not necessary. Just a money grab.
    There is enough rightful respect to all via the Services presented. Respect shown to all nations peoples be they the enemy , civilians or friendlies.

  • ALAN MCKENZIE April 11, 2024   Reply →

    I agree with all the above comments !

  • Ollie April 11, 2024   Reply →

    Well done QLD RSL for listening to and supporting our veterans. Why shouldn’t we adopt ways to be more modern and inclusive?

    Change is really needed for current and future veterans. Hopefully other states and territories are listening.

  • ROBERT A KEATCH April 11, 2024   Reply →

    “the very first warriors who stood as the guardians of this ancient country on which we meet today. We salute their commitment to an unbroken line of duty that began tens of thousands of years ago and continues to this very day.”
    Guardians against who or whom? Did these ‘so-called’ warriors form some resistance to other would-be invaders?
    Were they trained in the military arts befitting the times? and so on.
    I would like to see some evidence of this bold statement.
    Also “unbroken line of duty”. Where today, is there evidence of an unbroken line of duty?

  • ROBERT A KEATCH April 11, 2024   Reply →

    HOLLOW, Patronising and paternalist words with no foundation. Divisive and unsettling. Not necessary in any circumstance.

    • Bob Johnson April 12, 2024   Reply →

      What a lot of crap, this nonsense has only taken on recently and people are sick and tired of what’s going on, leave everything as it was when our Grandfathers went to war for this country and all those diggers that followed as well as those that died for this country

  • Ollie April 12, 2024   Reply →

    BS, Who did they guard it from?

  • Noel Usher April 12, 2024   Reply →

    Why is it necessary to invoke “Welcome to Country” in any event that is run by or for the RSL. The RSL is meant to honour ALL veterans, not just one sector of the community.

  • David April 12, 2024   Reply →

    Could I say to the RSL QLD executives, if you want to enter politics, get elected and go to Canberra. Keep politics and your misguided opinions out of the RSL. What you propose is divisive, calculated and unnecessary. I had the honor to serve with an Aboriginal and he was one of the best blokes you could expect to meet and have as a friend and fellow soldier. He never made any issue of being Aboriginal and we were great friends. The RSL could lose a lot of members should they choose to turn political and jump on the “welcome to country” BS.

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