Samantha Mostyn Appointed Australia’s next Governor-General.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s decision to appoint Samantha Mostyn as Australia’s next Governor-General has sparked widespread dismay and criticism. Mostyn’s nomination, approved by King Charles, has left many Australians questioning the government’s judgment and priorities.

Mostyn, a businesswoman and gender equality advocate, will succeed David Hurley, who has served as Governor-General since 2019. Albanese’s announcement of Mostyn’s appointment was met with scepticism and disappointment among citizens.

The Prime Minister’s attempt to paint Mostyn as a beacon of modern Australia was met with cynicism, with many viewing her selection as a political move rather than a reflection of her qualifications. Critics argue that her background in business and advocacy does not adequately prepare her for the ceremonial and representational duties of the Governor-General.

Despite Albanese’s praise for Mostyn’s leadership qualities, many remain unconvinced, citing concerns about her lack of experience in public service and ceremonial roles. Some view her appointment as a token gesture toward gender equality, rather than a genuine effort to find the most qualified candidate for the position.

Moreover, the timing of Mostyn’s appointment has raised eyebrows, with Australia facing numerous challenges both domestically and internationally. Critics worry that her lack of experience in governance and diplomacy could undermine the effectiveness of the Governor-General’s office during these turbulent times.

While Mostyn expressed gratitude for the opportunity, her reassurances failed to quell the scepticism surrounding her appointment. Many Australians remain sceptical about her ability to effectively represent their interests and uphold the traditions of the office.

As the nation prepares for a new era under Mostyn’s tenure, the prevailing sentiment among many is one of disillusionment and concern about the direction of Australia’s highest office.



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  • Kenneth Taylor April 6, 2024   Reply →

    I wonder. Will this be the Last Straw for a Safe and Democratic Country such as ours, or the advance meant towards Socialism and eventually Communism, as Albo wants and is working for.

  • Keith April 7, 2024   Reply →

    Her appointment has confirmed just how far out of touch this PM is. She has a background of activism, worked directly for the Labor party in 3 states, was the token woman on the AFL board of directors, and championed the Voice Referendum which by the way Albo it failed. Most of her platforms have been on the extreme side of left wing politics. This woman is not capable of representing Australians in an impartial manner. Rant over words fail me.

  • Alan Foyle April 7, 2024   Reply →

    Mostyn – what a disgraceful decision. Another Labor butt kisser.

  • John William CLARKSON April 8, 2024   Reply →

    There is little doubt that Samantha Mostyn is a highly qualified professional lady. However, I was led to believe that a choice for our top position is to find a talented person who is free of any political bias, whether that be to the left or right. Without giving away any bias on my part, this is one of the reasons that highly talented military leaders have been a good choice. They are accustomed to working with government leaders of both sides of the fence, and can handle themselves in a political crisis. Personally, my choice would have been Air Chief Marshall Sir Angus Houston, who was an outstanding leader in the service, and has contributed to public and national service ever since leaving the service.

  • Ollie April 10, 2024   Reply →

    Our PM has made a very sound and reasonable decision. I can’t believe so many people are upset, this isn’t the 19th Century. Hopefully we won’t have any further secretly appointed ministerial positions appointed by the GG.

  • Ken.T. April 10, 2024   Reply →

    It could have been worse. We could have ended up with Campbell.

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