Seems Putin is at it again.

As Alexei Navalny disappears from the public eye in Russia, his spokesperson suggests it’s a Kremlin tactic to intensify his isolation during President Putin’s re-election campaign. Concerns grew after prison officials reported his absence from the inmate roster, and his associates have been unable to reach him for a week. Although the authorities confirm his transfer from the prison colony, they withhold information on his new location, following the secretive nature of Russian prison transfers. Navalny’s spokesperson fears the authorities will maintain the secrecy to limit his influence, especially after Putin’s recent announcement to seek another term. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismisses concerns about Navalny’s whereabouts, emphasizing that tracking inmates is not a priority. The U.S. expressions of concern are rejected, as Navalny remains imprisoned, serving a sentence he claims is politically motivated. Navalny, arrested in 2021 after recovering from nerve agent poisoning, has been a prominent critic of corruption and a key opposition figure.

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