Shane Jones MP makes a Powerful Speech in the New Zealand Parliament.

ED: Spend 10 minutes watching the video below, then think about how much would you like to hear a speech like this in our Australian Parliament?   

In a riveting address to the NZ Parliament, the recently re-elected Shane Jones, now the Minister for Oceans and Fisheries in the new post-Ardern government, embarked on a mission to ignite a “Fightback” reminiscent of his political prowess in New Zealand.

Known for his captivating oratory skills, Jones, a seasoned politician, is fluent in Maori, allowing him to delve into discussions about sensitive topics, such as work ethic, with a nuanced perspective that might be deemed controversial if articulated by someone else. His ability to navigate such discussions reflects his deep understanding of cultural dynamics.

In Maori tradition, a meeting is referred to as a “hui,” and one of Jones’ notable comments about Maori elders resonates across borders: “There’s lots of hui, but no doee.” This phrase encapsulates a sentiment that transcends cultural boundaries, expressing the frustration with meetings and discussions that lack tangible outcomes, a phenomenon he believes is already present in Australia.

Jones, who secured his fifth non-consecutive term in the 2023 general election, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Holding multiple key ministerial positions, he assumes the roles of Associate Minister for Energy and Finance, as well as Minister for Oceans and Fisheries, Regional Development, and Resources. This diverse portfolio showcases his commitment to addressing a broad spectrum of issues crucial to the development and well-being of New Zealand.

As Jones takes the stage in the Parliament, his charisma and command of language captivate the audience. His commitment to initiating a “Fightback” resonates with those who believe in decisive action and tangible results. Drawing on his extensive political career and comprehensive understanding of various sectors, Jones aims to steer New Zealand towards a future marked by progress and prosperity.

The presence of Shane Jones in the political landscape heralds an era of dynamic leadership, where speeches are not just words but catalysts for change. Whether discussing cultural nuances, economic policies, or environmental initiatives, Jones’ multifaceted approach positions him as a leader capable of navigating the complexities of contemporary challenges. As the Fightback begins, the New Zealand Parliament eagerly anticipates the impact of Shane Jones’ vision for a brighter, more resilient future.


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