• Phillip Kline September 25, 2023   Reply →

    No apology needed Before our time

  • Ivor Biggen September 25, 2023   Reply →

    Am I going to apologise my ancestors came out on the Second Fleet, busted their guts to feed themselves and survive the adverse conditions they had to live in to give the leeching First Nation activists the opportunity to screw the nation for $$$ with this Voice BS? No, I’m not! You can shove it in a very dark place and I’m not SORRY, I don’t accept being Welcomed to My OWN Country and invented Smoking ceremonies breach the Total Fire Ban regulations. You want a fight – well you have got one. I’ll never accept this carp from Albo, the worst PM we have ever had. He needs to be shirt fronted but he will probably cry and have a trembling bottom lip, the maggot. I despise the air he steals.

    • Anthony Lowe September 26, 2023   Reply →

      Well said mate.

    • Stephen Varhegyi September 26, 2023   Reply →

      Jacinta Price hit the nail on the head. To unite all Australians there needs to be forgiveness for any past transgressions against indigenous people. Perpetuating and exaggerating history with words such as genocide does nothing to bring Australians together.

      Indigenous welcome to country infers that for the rest of us non-indigenous folk it is not ‘our country’. I like many people am offended by that notion. My ancestors and their descendants have made great contributions and provided vital services to this country in the fields of medicine, education, law, engineering, defence industry, military service, law and order, local government, bureaucracy entertainment and many other fields. Contributions like these are what has made Australia what it is and enabled it to support those of the indigenous population who’ve needed help to improve their living standards.

      The contributions of our ancestors and their descendants give us more reason to question the misuse, squandering and misappropriation of the massive sums aimed at assisting Australia’s indigenous population.

      Statements like “Always was, always will be” are inflammatory. They infer that non-indigenous persons are to be treated like second class citizens and carry perpetual guilt and shame for having dispossessed the original inhabitants. The truth of the matter is that Colonialism brought good and bad for indigenous people, however one could argue that the good has far outweighed the bad.
      The great majority of Australia’s population arrived long after the colonies had already been established and come from all corners of the globe, seeking a better life for themselves and their families. They have created a rich and varied culture, an example to the rest of the world as to how to coexist. To quote a famous song “We are one but we are many and from all the lands on earth we come. We share a dream and sing with one voice, I am, you are, we are Australian.

  • Kenneth Taylor September 28, 2023   Reply →

    Being a 5th Generation Australian without any contamination from outside sorcery’s since my mob were dumped here, I for the Love of God can’t think of one thing that I have to say sorry for, except to the miss’s for getting home late from the pub last week-end. The boys held me up with darts. Ya can’t walk out on a game, can ya. And I can tell ya, I never got a welcome home when I got there, like all those blokes at the footy did on Sundy.

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