Should We Reintroduce National Service?

ED: Below I present my view on National Service, what are your thoughts?

Should We Reintroduce National Service?

The reintroduction of National Service has long been a topic of discussion in various in most circles. The concept I am present revolves around a system where young adults, irrespective of gender, are mandated to serve for a certain period in different sectors, be it defence or public service. This proposal suggests a 2-year part-time National Service for both males and females aged 18, across fields like the Army, Navy, Airforce, bush fire brigade, emergency service, and St. Johns ambulance and others.

Key Advantages:

  1. Promotion of Unity and Social Cohesion:
    • National Service acts as a melting pot, uniting individuals from various backgrounds. This shared experience promotes understanding and camaraderie, reinforcing a sense of national unity and pride.
  1. Valuable Skill Acquisition:
    • Participants acquire diverse skills, ranging from defence strategy to essential life-saving methods. These skills don’t just fortify national resilience, but also empower individuals in their daily lives.
  1. Physical and Mental Growth:
    • A structured National Service programme ensures participants stay physically active. Moreover, navigating challenges together can help in building mental fortitude and teamwork skills.
  1. Enhanced Emergency Readiness:
    • Having a cadre of trained individuals spread across the country means a faster, more efficient response to emergencies or natural disasters.
  1. Flexibility with Part-time Commitment:
    • Given that the service is part-time, young adults can continue their education, work, or other activities concurrently. This flexible model reduces potential opportunity costs.
  1. Economic Benefits:
    • Apart from direct benefits like skill development, the structured training and involvement in various public services can provide indirect economic boosts, such as infrastructure development and increased local employment during training sessions.

The Army Reserve System as a Model:

Basing the National Service on the Army Reserve system offers an established framework. This approach, known for its flexibility, allows participants to integrate their service seamlessly with their personal and professional lives, making the commitment less daunting and more appealing.


The reintroduction of a part-time National Service presents an exciting avenue to promote national unity, personal growth, and enhanced national preparedness. Drawing inspiration from the Army Reserve system ensures flexibility, allowing young adults to contribute to their nation while also pursuing their personal ambitions.




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  • John W. CLARKSON, (RAAF Service 1960 - 1984, including Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam). October 20, 2023   Reply →

    I agree with the introduction of a National Service programme. My belief is that all persons, male and female, should be required to register for National Service close to their 18th birthday, and be prepared to commit to two years full time service in one of the three arms of the ADF, (ie, Army, Navy, or RAAF). Whilst they would register at 18 years of age, their actual service would begin anywhere between their 18th birthday and their 20th birthday. Their service would commence with the standard recruitment training programme, as applied to normal full time entrants. This would allow flexibility for those who have embarked on a tertiary or apprenticeship programme. Following their recruitment training, these personnel would be farmed into various trades and/or branches as appropriate for each service. One condition should be enforced, which was NOT done during the 1960s, is that no National Service member should be required to serve in an Active Service zone. If they were to sign on to Full Time service during their two year term, then that condition would not apply.
    Following the completion of their two year National Service, each would be given the choice of signing up to full time service, or signing up to one of the Reserve units.

  • Peter Pola October 20, 2023   Reply →

    So the government and dva no matter what party can inflict both mental and physical pain with no responsibility for the damage to the those conscripted. You only have to look at the way DVA look after those who have returned. No Thanks .

  • Anne K October 20, 2023   Reply →

    Well it would certainly bring a bit of discipline back into life as we know it these days. That is of course if there is still discipline in the defence force.

    • Alan Foyle October 21, 2023   Reply →

      You can now wear a dress, if you want to. So, I’d say no to the discipline aspect.

  • Pedro Dunn (2786248) 7th Intake 1969 October 20, 2023   Reply →

    One in all in!

    Forget about the unfair ballot system

  • Kenneth Taylor October 20, 2023   Reply →

    The introduction to National Service as you have outlined should also carry with it benefits to the participants who want to enhance their career in different skills and trades. Someone who meets University entry levels and wants to pursue a career with academic qualifications should be able to compete for scholarships in their field which are sponsored by the ADF and on completion they serve a set period of part time service as a pay back for their scholarship in the field of their choice.
    A person who is seeking a career in a trade qualification may be allocated to a firm which is carrying out government contracts and this way they are learning on the job along with developing skills in their chosen sareer.
    It doesn’t necessarily have to be all drill and marching skills. All though I would recommend that at least 4 weeks compulsory introduction into the boundaries and prohibitions of being a National Service Personnel is undertaken by all regardless of the calling they are aiming for.

  • John Thomson October 20, 2023   Reply →

    The biggest load of codswallop I’ve ever heard from a total moron and I’m being polite

  • Adrian Martion October 20, 2023   Reply →

    Well , all I can say is that the way the world is travelling at the moment with Ukrain an Russia, Israel an Palestine and the rising Chinese threats to the region is is imperative that Australia increases its readiness for the future. I served as a National Serviceman through Puckapunyal in the 3rd Intake of 1971.

    I was a 20 year old southern west Australian country boy who hadn’t heard of Vietnam. Learned o lot , never hurt me and later went on to serve 36 years in the Queensland Police , mostly as an investigator.

    The do gooders need to get their head out of there arse and see the light, 2 years in the Military I believe is a must to increase our ability to defend our nation. We cannot solely believe the yanks will protect us without the commitment of our own people.

  • Norman heatley October 21, 2023   Reply →

    Yes bring back National service for all over Eighteen with 6 months Training followed up by Apprenticeship should never been stopped kind Regards Norm.

  • stevow October 21, 2023   Reply →

    Hell YES, long overdue.

  • Robin H October 21, 2023   Reply →

    When Israel with a population of less than 10 million was able to pull 360,000 reservists out of the air, I couldn’t believe it. We don’t have anywhere near that number in our ADF. It’s a shame they didn’t have access to firearms in their houses and couldn’t defend themselves against the Hamas terrorists.

    I’d like to see National Service brought in as the world gets uglier by the month. Beforehand however, the ADF needs to get rid of its woke programs and return to being a fighting force that focuses on skills to defend Australia, not what pronouns some clown wants to be referred by or whether some male officer wants to wear a dress.

  • Terry BENNETT. October 23, 2023   Reply →

    Yes, I did Nat Service in 1956 when it was complusory for you to sign up for
    for 3 mths Army then 2 years CMF or 6 mths Navy or Air Force with 2 years
    reserve. It so happen that I had 4 years in School Cadets beforehand and
    after my 2 years decided to continue in the CMF whilst working in the
    C’wealth Bank. I ended up as a senior WO.1 in the corps I was in and was
    retired after 36 years service in my CMF corps Unit. The Army Defence
    called in 1965 CMF SGTS to Capt to volunteer for service for 18 months
    service including 12 months in Vietnam. I was selected as a substansive
    WO.2 and whilst I did serve for 12 months in 1967 – 68 I was only 1 of 10
    who did as we had to resign from our jobs and when we came home we
    had NO JOB and I had a young family and paying off my house and not well
    at the time. No help given and treated the same as CMF WW2 men 20 odd
    years later. I’m proud of my service and as the same as WW.2 guys. I later
    had to fight for medical help which through the RSL got me the help needed.
    Sure, Nat service is needed with the way things are at present and should
    include our girls as well maybe not 2 years but 18 months but must be
    protected in their jobs.
    My nick name in Vietnam was CHICKEN MAN.

  • Daniel harkins October 23, 2023   Reply →

    Yes my date of birth came out of the ballot box I was in my last year of my apprenticeship a boilermaker which they let me finish. When I finished my training, I joined the 4th battalion in Vietnam 2nd tour. No regrets the army is still my family great mates even after 50 years bring it back without all this woke crap and get rid of all these wankers at the top.

  • Red WEBB ACB! October 24, 2023   Reply →

    It’s a Proposition that will always sound fine.
    Thing is – it’s not Defence’s role to fix Australia’s social ills.
    That is the job of government at all levels, of the education system, of our judiciary, our law enforcement.
    BUT! Mainly, it is the job of Australian families.
    Defence is an ever evolving, dynamic, focused & committed Life & features incredibly diverse work environments.
    Should it really wish to – Our Australia has all the resources & life skills to remedy any ills.
    If it wishes to.

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