Singapore PM on wokeness

Lee Kwan Yew the Singapore PM of the last half of the 20th C stated that Australia would become The White Trash of Asia and as I look at the past his prediction is becoming a fact.

The present PM warns about “Wokeness” as a virus, watch this YouTube presentation.

As identified in this link WOKENESS is a Western Democracy virus that I have criticised for a few years as being a WEF movement accepted by the EU bureaucrats and now infecting Western Democracies.

I have had the tag “Wokeism is a tool of Marxism Socialism” attached to my emails for about a year, some have criticised me for inventing a word, but we all understand what the phrase means, and I have yet to have the statement debunked.

Bob Buick MM JP

Wokeism is a tool of Marxism Socialism

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