Stunning map shows the extent of Native Title control in Australia

A stunning map has unveiled that Native Title, a legal recognition of Aboriginal rights over an area, covers nearly half of Australia’s landmass.

Native title holders can get compensation for things the government has done to stop them from exercising their rights, such as building a bridge or a road.

The map, prepared by the National Native Title Tribunal, shows some 50 per cent of Australia is under Native Title, with the sections divided by dark and light green to distinguish between ‘exclusive’ and ‘non-exclusive’ zones.

A further 12 per cent of land is being assessed for Native Title, with these areas coded in blue patches or stripes.

It’s important to note that Native Title can only be claimed for Crown land and is not applicable to privately held properties.

When a Native Title determination specifies ‘exclusive’ rights, it means the Indigenous group has exclusive ownership and control over the area in question, excluding all others, including government authorities and non-Indigenous individuals or entities.

Non-exclusive Native Title in Australia grants Indigenous groups shared rights and interests in land without exclusive control.

It can grant Native Title holders the right to local cultural practices, such as the right to live in the area, hunt, fish, gather food or teach law and custom on country.

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Stunning map shows the extent of Native Title control in Australia – as senator warns there are many more Aboriginal claims to come: Here’s what it means for you (

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  • Pissed Off AUS September 17, 2023   Reply →

    How much of a knock on the head do AUS need before we realise we are being overtaken by leftie activists manipulating the YES vote and funding “First Nation” claimants? None of their claims are original. They have “stolen” terminology from American Indians, NZ, Canadians and others to push forward their false claims. Do they not realise that the majority of AUS see them as blood sucking leeches trying to squeeze the AUS taxpayer for more undeserved benefits? Farnham, Barber, Coles, Woolies, Cadburys, QANTAS and the rest can shove their virtue signalling negative comments and support up their collective arses as far as I am concerned. My ancestors were transported here by the English. They were stolen from their families for very minor offences. They survived extreme conditions to developed this country for the benefit of the so-called “First Nation” bludgers we have today. Line up at CentreLink every second Thursday First Nation people but remember where you payments are coming from. They would still be eating grubs and spearing each other in the leg had the English not SETTLED this country. Pity they didn’t spear each other in the head. May have put some sense into their fabricated bullshit cliams. Can’t wait for this BS Voice vote to be over. They have lost me forever as far as being concerned as to what happens to the “disadvantaged” persons concerned. Suck it up and work for a living like the rest of us. My kids have second jobs to pay for their Uni fees. They get SFA because of their English background. Don’t come to me as a 3% of the population and piss in my pocket about how disadvantaged you are because it is all BULSHIT!

  • Lindsay Hackett September 21, 2023   Reply →

    The actual area of Australia with exclusive native title, non-exclusive native title, State and Territory Land Rights (given before the Native Title Act 1993 – see ALRC Report 126 of April 2015, page 92), and Claims in progress is just more than 75.8 percent. When the areas subject to Indigenous Land Use Agreements is added, the picture is worse. See my paper at

  • stevow September 23, 2023   Reply →

    I think “Pissed off AUS” has summed it up rather well.

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