Sweden’s Bid to Join NATO Closer.

Sweden, on the verge of joining NATO, recently inked a defence collaboration pact with the United States. This agreement grants the U.S. access to all military bases in Sweden, with the intent of enhancing regional security. The Swedish Defence Minister highlighted that the deal, formalized in Washington on Tuesday, is aimed at improving Sweden’s capacity to receive support from the U.S. in times of war or crisis.

While confirming that not all 17 locations will be utilized, the Minister clarified that the focus will be on strategically significant areas for storing defence equipment. The agreement was sealed at the Pentagon by the Swedish Defence Minister and the U.S. Defence Secretary, who emphasized that incorporating the capabilities of the Swedish armed forces into NATO will strengthen the alliance.

This accord follows a similar arrangement between the United States and NATO member Norway in 2021. Additionally, ongoing negotiations are in progress for comparable agreements with NATO members Finland and Denmark, both Nordic countries.

Sweden and Finland, departing from their long-standing non-alignment policy, opted to seek NATO membership in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine last year. Finland successfully joined NATO in April, but Sweden’s accession bid awaits formal approval from all existing alliance members. Turkey and Hungary remain the only NATO countries yet to endorse Sweden’s accession bid.

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