Tailored veteran support and services coming to Southeast NSW and the ACT.

The Australian Government has awarded RSL LifeCare with a $5 million grant to establish the Queanbeyan Veterans’ and Families’ Hub.

Today’s announcement means that veterans and families across the Southeast of NSW, the ACT and surrounding regions will soon have better access to tailored supports and services. This is a wonderful outcome for more than 26,000 current and ex-service personnel who live in these regions.

The hub will be tailored to the needs of local veterans and families and offer enhanced access to services supporting physical and mental health, wellbeing, education, skills and employment, housing and accommodation support, and more.

The Hub will connect with a number of RSL Sub-Branches in Queanbeyan, the ACT and surrounding regions, to provide outreach into regional areas such as Goulburn.

RSL LifeCare has significant experience in providing veteran and family services through hubs; it currently operates three self-funded hubs located in the Riverina (Wagga Wagga), Dee Why and Newcastle, as well as the Nowra Hub funded under the Veterans’ and Families’ Hub Program.

All current serving ADF members, veterans and families can access support services and activities through any Veterans’ and Families’ Hub.

Visit the Veterans’ and Families’ Hubs webpage to learn more.

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  • Peter charles joseph Pola January 24, 2024   Reply →

    I may not have the answer, but I would still like to know who is oversighting where this grant ends up. This is another one of these grants from govt that has no follow up just like NDIS. In other words, will the people of need receive it? I’m a veteran who from my return from Vietnam have learnt that the organisation dishing this grant out do not necessarily direct it the needy people it was meant for. Returned men were told you only served in a police action and as such were maybe not eligible for help and aid so therefor it was left to the hierarchy of the distributing organisations to oversight whose pocket benefited from this aid. The governments have not done any follow up or audit to make people in charge of the distributing organisations and a prime example is the NDIS.

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