Take Back Our Streets

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Peter Billington, 2/6/2024

Recently, the safety of our streets has significantly declined, causing concern for many Australians. What once were safe environments have now become increasingly unsafe due to the actions of certain groups.

The rise in street violence and disruption, primarily from large, radical crowds, has affected various public spaces including parks, schools, and universities. This situation has left many law-abiding citizens feeling intimidated and unable to go about their daily activities.

Particularly concerning is the impact on the Jewish community, who may feel especially targeted and vulnerable due to the nature of these demonstrations. The marches and protests are often driven by animosity, creating an environment of fear and insecurity.

It’s crucial for the broader Australian community to acknowledge these issues and take a stand. True Australians should unite to support our Jewish neighbours, who are an integral part of our society. They have embraced the Australian way of life, adhering to our laws and values, and deserve our protection and solidarity.

We must not remain passive. It’s time for Australians in cities like Sydney and Melbourne to organize peaceful counter-rallies to reclaim our streets and universities, ensuring they are safe for everyone. By doing so, we demonstrate our commitment to a harmonious and inclusive society, where all communities can coexist without fear.



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  • Clive Bond June 4, 2024   Reply →

    I think a lot of this will stop when the war in Gaza stops. No need to go Jew hunting then.

  • En Passant June 4, 2024   Reply →

    Well said Peter, but you are dreaming.
    Our swamp life politicians are either too cowardly to stand up for anything, or they support the problem.
    Alice Springs (and other outback towns) are becoming unlivable as the ‘Master Race’ (who never even invented the wheel) demand their ‘rights’ to everything created and built by everyone else.
    Islam is a psychotic cult of war and regression that seeks to intimidate everyone else while sucking their hosts dry. Germany, Belgium, France & Sweden are the proof that integration and co-existence is not on their agenda, but domination is.
    Don’t waste your time asking me why I moved overseas …

  • Alan Foyle June 7, 2024   Reply →

    En Passant has made me envious. I would like to move somewhere where the “rot” hasn’t set in. I’m not going to give up my culture or land for some economic “refugee” who has brought their baggage to our shores and inflicted their hatred upon us and our Jewish citizens. Nor will I accept responsibility for something that pees off 3% of our population for no apparent reason and happened 200 years ago. Why they allowed the great unwashed to occupy universities for so long is beyond me. The fire brigade could complete two tasks at the same time. Wash the stink off the protestors and move them on at the same time.

    I am currently saving my pension to buy a swag of broom handles. When I have enough I’m going to travel to Canberra and shove each and every one of them up the anus of every member of the Greens (I’ll really enjoy that) and the the gutless, incompetent moroons who occupy Labor seats. It is ovbious they don’t have a spine so the broom handles may assist in their decision making process.

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