The Most Ruthless Australian Who Ever Served | Super VC Lawrence McCarthy

It is August 1918, World War I is not far from its’ end, but fierce, bloody battles still rage across the Western Front. The stagnant trench fighting has been replaced with a war of movement and during this phase many impressive acts of valour are recorded. However, perhaps the most awe-inspiring of all these deeds are those accomplished by the man who would become known as “Super VC”. And so today on the Ulysses Files we cover the extraordinary story of Australian Lieutenant Lawrence Dominic McCarthy.

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  • Jason Neville February 27, 2024   Reply →

    I was amazed at his continues effort to get back into action after being wounded and advancing in rank which showed how determined he was to win at all costs and his VC effort was outstanding.
    I served in 105th Field Battery RAA in two tours 1965-66 69-70 in Viet Nam and never heard of his name or how brave he fought during my service of 6 years or supported by the RSL or any government body which is very disappointing. People like to hear of there Heros and brave dead’s which shows how proud we are of their achievement and to respect and honor them with praise . I was very pleased to read his history thank you .
    Jason W Neville (jay)

  • Peter Hibbert February 27, 2024   Reply →

    McCarthy: I salute and doffs my hat!

  • Wayne McKinnon February 29, 2024   Reply →

    A magnificent soldier

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