The non-ballistic laser Dazzler.

Picture: EOS R800 system with new CUAS Dazzler technology. Photo: Supplied.

Australian defence, space, and communication technology firm Electro Optic Systems unveiled a new laser countermeasure system at the Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition. The non-ballistic laser Dazzler countermeasure, designed to counter unmanned aerial and seaborne threats, was demonstrated in conjunction with the company’s R800 remote weapon system at the Sydney expo.

The Dazzler system offers operators a flexible range of kinetic and non-kinetic response options against unmanned aerial and surface vessel threats. It is integrated with an R800 30mm cannon and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

Scott Hicks, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at EOS Defence Systems highlighted the EOS’s reputation as a trusted partner for accuracy and counter-drone capabilities, citing the success of the Slinger system. The Dazzler, he noted, builds on this experience, utilizing cutting-edge Australian-designed technology to expand non-lethal payload options. He emphasized that it reflects lessons learned from modern warfare, addressing the use of non-lethal effects in urban areas and EOS’s innovative approach to countering the growing employment of drones in various contemporary operating environments worldwide.

Designed and developed in Australia, the Dazzler is specifically tailored for export markets to tackle emerging unmanned aerial and surface vessel threats based on insights from recent conflicts, such as in Ukraine.

EOS recently signed a memorandum of understanding with New Zealand-based military technology distributor Cratos. The aim is to broaden the export market for remote weapon systems and enhance interoperability between the New Zealand and Australian Defence Forces. Hicks expressed pride in partnering with a sovereign New Zealand defence company, highlighting EOS’s commitment to equipping allied defence forces with lethal, adaptable, and versatile systems through continued innovation and partnerships.

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