Government was right not to send warship.

OLD soldiers never die, they just fade away.

US General Douglas MacArthur repeated this familiar refrain in his 1951 farewell address to Congress, after he had been sacked by President Truman for presumed insubordination, promising he would just fade away.

Republican MacArthur and Democrat Truman, briefly a WWI artillery captain,

were always destined for a tumultuous relationship.

There is an inevitable moment in the life some old soldiers, but not all, when they lose relevance, though few will admit so.

Lost in a world of fuzzy-wuzzies, cold steel and grenades, the fictional Dad’s Army lance-corporal Jack Jones’ far-fetched military suggestions often caused Captain Mainwaring to respond curtly, “I think you’re wandering into the realms of fantasy, Jones.”

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Government was right not to send warship | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (

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  • Richard Barry OAM January 1, 2024   Reply →

    I am wondering how much of the cargo in those containers are headed for Australia? I am also wondering why we refused assistance when our greatest ally asked for a little help? Have the woke forgotten the battle of the Coral Sea during WW2?

  • stevow January 2, 2024   Reply →

    I am never in favour of sending our troops off shore to any war, I just hope the yanks don’t feel that way when China or Indonesia come knocking on our door with all their military might.

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