The Power of Nuclear: A Look Inside Europe’s Newest Reactor

Take an exclusive look at Europe’s cutting-edge nuclear reactor on Olkiluoto Island. Nick Cater explores the clean, reliable energy in Finland provided by nuclear power and the environmental benefits it offers.

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  • Rod Spragg May 22, 2024   Reply →

    The sooner we started building nuclear power the sooner we would be finished.

  • Greg Bland May 22, 2024   Reply →

    Not much of a look inside of the Reactor. Not a good tag line for the article. Great info though

  • Ken.T. May 24, 2024   Reply →

    Nuclear Power is a dead subject where Labor is concerned. If you had have listed closely when Turnbull told everyone, to invest in Carbon Credits or miss out on millions of dollars of profit. Turnbull was adamant that Carbon Credits were going to be the next big money-making share product of the 21st century and beyond. And this has now come about. With the introduction of Nuclear into the mix it will only destroy the dreams of those Leading Socialists whose job it is to set the rules for the rest of us and destroy their own dreams of wealth and prosperity. Who could think of anything being worse than being thrown onto the working class pile, where one needs to work for a living?

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