The Spitfire Reborn: Will This Beast Take to the Skies Again? | Inside The Spitfire Factory

After two years’ hard work, the Greek Spitfire is nearly complete. But will she fly? For the final days, all hands are on deck to get the project finished on time. Several people will be in attendance including the owners and investors of this passion project and veteran George Dunn hoping who is hoping to see his Spitfire fly again. Emotions are running high as they prepare for the maiden flight. Will it fly? Or will they see their hard work plummet? Hidden away in a little-known workshop at one of Britain’s most important wartime airbases, a team of dedicated engineers and enthusiasts are working round the clock to bring a national icon back to life. Over the course of a year and £2 million at stake, there’s no room for error as Peter Monk and his engineers try to turn a 1943 Mark IX Spitfire from rusty remains into the flying legend. This is the Spitfire Factory.

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