The time to act is now.

Space’s historical impact on defence, encompassing satellite communication and electronic warfare, prompts Australia to swiftly recalibrate its strategies amid evolving global security and rapid technological changes. The Defence Strategic Review emphasizes the need for enhanced capabilities in contested environments.

Since the late 1970s, the US GPS and GNSS networks have transformed societies and military capabilities globally, with APNT data playing a crucial role in modern life. Disruptions to these signals in 2023 highlight the urgency for Australia to develop a sovereign APNT capability, addressing vulnerabilities to jamming and spoofing.

Australia’s imperative is to quickly develop a sovereign APNT capability to fortify national resilience, leveraging US expertise and its own defence industry. The AUKUS partnership and collaboration with companies like KBR, QinetiQ, DEWC Services, DMTC, and LinQuest Corporation aim to achieve this. Australia’s advanced industry and global collaborations enhance collective defence capabilities.

Amid the evolving global security landscape, Australia faces a strategic imperative to secure space and enhance navigational warfare capabilities. Acting now and embracing international cooperation will ensure resilience and security in the dynamic theatre of space and navigation warfare.


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