There is already a Voice … The NIAA.

Every Australian should take note of the website of the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). The NIAA, a government-funded organization, has the significant responsibility of enhancing the well-being of Aboriginal Australians and guiding the government in this endeavour. If you delve into their mission statement, you’ll find its aims mirror those of the proposed VOICE to parliament.

The NIAA is not a recent entity, and it is no small-scale venture. With approximately 1,300 employees and numerous offices across the country, its operations cost taxpayers more than 4 BILLION dollars last year alone. Now, as discussions around the introduction of the VOICE emerge, it’s our right to seek clarity.

How does the VOICE differ from the NIAA in terms of its mandate? What tangible impacts has the NIAA had on the Aboriginal community in Australia? Would the VOICE be an addition to, or a replacement for, the NIAA? Considering the substantial budget of the NIAA, how can the VOICE promise to be more effective?

Furthermore, it’s vital to understand the powers and boundaries of the VOICE. Would they hold any decision-making authority on subjects currently under the jurisdiction of Australia’s elected government? If they possess such power, how can an unelected body influence the lives of ordinary Australians?

When casting my vote, I believed I was empowering an elected government to represent my interests. I wasn’t informed that individuals outside this elected sphere could have a say in our nation’s governance.

The VOICE, in its essence, appears to contradict democratic principles. It seems more aligned with divisive politics rather than addressing real issues like the crime rate in Alice Springs or the socio-economic challenges faced by Indigenous Australians, such as rampant unemployment and issues with substance abuse.

If the NIAA were fully effective in its role, the VOICE would not even be a point of debate.

Now CLICK LINK to go to the NIAA website National Indigenous Australians Agency (

Be sure to click on the Executive Order at Order to Establish the National Indigenous Australians Agency as an Executive Agency (  to read their full list of responsibilities.

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  • P L Dickson September 18, 2023   Reply →

    I find all the postings listed to be extremely interesting especially the Jeremy Clarkson’s the greatest raid of all

  • Sandra Fleming September 20, 2023   Reply →

    Yet another voice is not needed,. I see it as another Land Grab, a money grab, and most certainly a power grab mainly by the inner city elites., who claim Aboriginal blood, but are mostly white. I cannot see how this voice is going to help Aunty Mary sitting in the dust in some far flung Aboriginal community waiting for her drunk husband to come home and bash p#%s and pick handles out of her. None of the millions given to the the same elites to “help” their so called mob has helped so far, absolutely nothing has helped them, where does the bulk of the money go? I hope I’m wrong in believing that it goes into the pockets of the fat cats to fund the lifestyles they have become use to, thanks to the hated white mans dirty dollars. Call me a racist…you’d be wrong, I grew up with 3 half sisters who were Aboriginal and I loved them so much and miss them more than I can say…some of my best and loved friends are Aboriginal, am I racist (and I certainly have been called so) because I hate the Aboriginal “industry” that has grown like Topsy since Kevin Rudds “Sorry” speech. I’m voting No!

  • Gary Burgess September 20, 2023   Reply →

    I agree with you Sandra, I grew up with Aboriginal mates, but these ones that never stop complaining about anything and everything are a different breed. It is as you say inner city elites (Pretenders) just as a matter of interest are you aware of the 3,521 Aboriginal and TSI Corporations, it can be broken down into Bodies, Councils
    Agencies, so yes where has all the money gone that was to go to the disadvantaged Aboriginal communities.
    VOTE NO. I am surprised at how many stupid people we have in this country of ours think of your children and
    VOTE NO.

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