There’s no fast track to acquiring vessels.

THERE is no maritime equivalent of Sydney’s famed Parramatta Road Magic Mile of Motors, where on a whim you can buy a new or used car to suit your needs and budget.

No doubt there are mercenary Arthur Daleys about offering to move superannuated naval stock, “one careful owner, low wars, never mind the rust it’ll paint over”, but you get what you pay for.

Nor can you always requisition unneeded stock from a full inventory, especially when the need is pressing, and now.

The last time Britain “requisitioned” two almost completed ships, both paid for by and destined to serve Turkey’s navy caused such outrage Germany stepped in with a “gift” of two of its surplus-to-requirement vessels.

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  • Anthony Lowe February 24, 2024   Reply →

    What is the point, we don’t have the sailors to man them!

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