This New IFV Can Beat Any Combat Vehicle! Insane Power of AS21 Redback

This New IFV Can Beat Any Combat Vehicle! Insane Power of AS21 Redback. South Korea know a thing or two about military involvement. They need to keep their vehicle fleet state of the art to be ready for any incoming threats from their northern neighbours. This is why they have developed one of the most recent infantry fighting vehicles that make sure troops are delivered to the battlefield safely and securely. Introducing the K21 an IFV that’d proved very popular with other armies around the world. This would then be developed into the AS21 Redback. Let’s find out more about how South Korea’s jewel in its armored vehicle crown became a jewel in Australia’s. The AS21 Redback is an IFV based on the original K21 version. It’s being offered as part of the Australian Army’s LAND 400 Phase 3 IFV programme. Rheinmetall Defence’s Lynx IFV and Redback IFV were shortlisted for the programme in 2019. The LAND 400 Phase 3, also known as the Mounted Close Combat Capability requirement, is worth 15 billion Australian Dollars and its mission is for the Australian Department of Defence to acquire 450 IFVs and 17 manoeuvre support vehicles for their army. The Department of Defence signed contracts worth Aus$50m with Hanwha and Rheinmetall in October 2019. Hanwha Defence delivered the first two Redback IFV prototypes to the Australian Army to be tested in July 2020. The third prototype was shipped in December of that year. In March of the following year, the Australian Army received three Redback IFV prototypes, two of these were for evaluation and the remaining one for blast testing. The integration of the Iron Fist active protection system with the Redback IFV was demonstrated in late-2020. Israeli Spike LR2 anti-tank guided missiles were also test-fired from the vehicles in early 2021.

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