Time for a smile

A retired Army Officer was a keen duck hunter and often used hunting dogs when out for a shoot.

He heard about a kennel run by an ex-soldier who trained hunting dogs he thought he would give them a try.

He rang and was told that the only dog they had left was PTE Bowser.  He was told all dogs were given a rank depending on the level of its training and it would cost $10 for the weekend.  As it was a long weekend, he decided to give PTE Bowser a try.  The dog turned out to be a hopeless retriever, but the old man developed a strong friendship with the dog and vowed to use him next time he went hunting.

Two months later he rang and requested PTE Bowser and was told that CPL Bowser was available and would cost $40, the old man was delighted to hear of the dog’s promotion and took him out for the weekend.  The dog was very good at all aspects, pointing and retrieving, and the old man was pleased with his efforts.

It took 6 months before the old man was able to go hunting again, he rang the kennel and asked for CPL Bowser, and was overwhelmed to hear that he was now WO1 Bowser and would cost $300. He took WO1 Bowser out and the dog proved to be a master at all aspects of the hunt.

A month went by, and the old bloke couldn’t stop thinking about the dog, he called the kennel and offered to buy the dog for $500, he was shocked to hear that he could have him for $10,”Is this the same dog you have had since he was a PTE and has progressed to WO1?” the bloke asked, “What happened?”.

The kennel owner stated “Well, he got so good we promoted him to Major, now he just sits on his arse and barks all day.”


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