Transfer of QueensLAND to First Nations

ED: The following was in my inbox this morning from Bob Buick … thanks Bob I was not aware of the extent of this land grab. The video I have placed below Bob’s comment.

This link will I am sure surprise you, it did me, but I was not shocked because I follow politics from a distance. For decades, well two and a half decades since retiring and spending a lot of time online, I have developed an attitude that if nobody cares, why should I?

Since WW2 and for half a century Australia was a global middle power politically, and industrially, but I now believe, and I’ve said this before we are sliding into a second-world nation, we’ve lost industrial capability, so we are no longer self-reliant and moving towards a Marxist Socialist Political nation and very likely a socialist republic by the mid 21 Century.

The WOKE MOVEMENT is a socialist tool for Marxists and soon Australia will be coloured “political red”! The Qld election will late 2024 will be the tipping point if Labor is returned.

The Conservative political parties are not as effective as they were in the past thanks to the Liberal Parliamentary Member assassinating Abbott and accepting Turnbull and Morrison as leaders.

Bob Buick

The Queensland Government’s actions in Toobeah, QLD, epitomize a troubling trend of favouritism towards “First Nations” at the expense of Australian residents. Despite many of us being born and raised here, the government sees fit to hand over our lands, citing some historical entitlement. It’s a ludicrous notion that only widens divides rather than closing any supposed gaps.

The recent uproar in Toobeah underscores the frustration felt by locals. The government, under the guise of “closing the gap,” is facilitating the transfer of freehold land to Indigenous groups without proper consultation. It’s a slap in the face to the community’s rights and autonomy.

A glance at the National Native Title Tribunal’s maps reveals a staggering amount of land already under Indigenous ownership or in the process of transfer. Queensland alone sees nearly half its territory subject to such determinations. This disproportionate allocation of land, coupled with vague government goals, raises serious concerns about the future of property rights and equality.

Residents like Michael Offerdahl rightly voice their concerns about losing access to vital resources and the precedent this sets for other communities across Queensland. The government’s move to test these waters in smaller towns like Toobeah before advancing to larger urban areas is a worrying sign of things to come.

Senator Pauline Hanson’s call for a pause in the transfer process highlights the need for proper consultation and consideration of all stakeholders. However, assurances from the Aboriginal Corporation that public access will remain open do little to assuage fears of loss of control over communal spaces.

The most immediate recourse for affected citizens is to use their voting power to voice their discontent at the ballot box. It’s clear that the current Queensland Government has lost touch with the concerns of its constituents and prioritizes divisive policies over the welfare of all Queenslanders.

In the end, this isn’t just about land; it’s about fundamental principles of fairness and equality. If we allow ethnicity to dictate land ownership and rights, we jeopardize the very fabric of our society. It’s high time for our leaders to heed the voices of all Australians and work towards a future where equality is not just a slogan but a reality for every citizen.

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