Transformative Energy Freedom Policy for America.

ED: From my inbox … Thanks Brian Hurlock

Regardless of what one’s opinion is of Donald Trump, and if you are not completely turned off by the formal wording of this USA Republican Party Resolution on the future policies in relation to the ongoing, essential use of fossil fuels for power generation, then I recommend a thorough reading of the attached Resolution.

For in the wording you will get an idea of the type of LEADERSHIP the whole of Western Civilisation needs URGENTLY, if we are to stop the momentum of, and then begin reversing, the headlong rush to economic suicide on which we’ve been embarked for the past 30 or so years – due directly to the most massive, most costly, most environmentally destructive FRAUD in the whole history of Mankind i.e. the sheer insanity and False Alarmism of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change Theory.

Unless the non-socialist/communist side of politics in Australia i.e. those which are NOT on the side of Comrade Albosleazy’s coalition of ALP/Greens/Tea(ladies), adopt the USA Republican Party’s ALL OUT attack on current trends, they have little hope of coalescing the split/shattered/disillusioned/hurting grassroots voters of Australia in sufficient numbers to win back government at the next Federal Elections!

Do they have the personnel with the required COMMON SENSE, vision, political instincts, backbone & cajónes to do it? Sadly, I doubt it! But the ball is there for them to pick up and run with it if sufficient new, younger tyros in the Parties are prepared to change course, to head back to calmer, safer waters!

The future of Western Civilisation depends on it!


Hooroo 4 now, Brian H.

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