Travel Update: Experiencing ANZAC Day in Dubbo, NSW

Greetings from Dubbo, NSW! We’ve successfully reached our destination, greeted by splendid weather upon our arrival last Sunday. Our caravan is now snugly settled for a week-long stay, coinciding with the solemn occasion of ANZAC Day. Our first order of business was a visit to the RSL Sub-Branch drop-in centre, a truly remarkable establishment exuding warmth and hospitality.

At the drop-in centre, we gathered valuable insights about the ANZAC Day march, a cornerstone event in Dubbo’s commemorative calendar. The centre provided us with comprehensive printed materials, which we later discovered were readily available in numerous shops across town.

Our journey then led us to the RSL Club, where we were deeply moved by the array of commemorative memorabilia and captivating visual displays adorning the premises—a poignant tribute to the sacrifices of generations past.

The ANZAC Day march route spans approximately 1.5 kilometres, commencing at the RSL, weaving through the bustling main street, and culminating at the hallowed grounds of the Cenotaph. It’s heartening to learn that all veterans are afforded seating throughout the service, ensuring their comfort and reverence during this solemn occasion. Notably, we were informed of the absence of smoking and Welcome to Country ceremonies, as they are deemed unrelated to the essence of ANZAC Day commemorations.

In reverence, we paid our respects at the Cenotaph, capturing moments of reflection through the lens of our cameras. Below are some photoraphs from our visit.

Our time in Dubbo continues to be enriched by the spirit of remembrance and camaraderie, as we honour the legacy of the ANZACs and the profound significance of this day in Australia’s history.

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