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  • Ernest Chamberlain May 8, 2024   Reply →

    An interesting – but very “pro-US veteran” commentary on the Vietnam War that cites betrayal and restraints by US politicians and defence civilian bureaucrat “whiz-kids”. The article was produced by the veterans of the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans’ Business Association Foundation. It is highly critical of US ground forces not occupying the HCM Trail from the North – including in Laos, and restrictions on US bombing. It cites post-War President Reagan’s claim that US forces were “denied permission to win”. It also notes claims by published US historian Mark Moyar that “Indonesia was saved by ((US)) intervention in Vietnam.” Statistics cited include: 2.7million US personnel served during the War – and 1 in 10 were casualties; 58,000 were killed, 300,000 were wounded and notes that three-in-ten Vietnam veterans are alive today. Australian forces are not mentioned.

    President Reagan is cited

    Australia is not mentioned.

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