Ukrainian Armor Finalizes Testing of 120mm MP-120 Mortars.

Picture:  MP-120 mortars. Source: Facebook

Ukrainian Armor, a renowned armament manufacturer, recently concluded the acceptance tests of another batch of 120-mm MP-120 mortars, specifically crafted to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This development was proudly shared by the company on their official Facebook page, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to quality.

Reiterating the rigorous testing standards, the company mentioned, “Every mortar that rolls off our production line and is destined for our troops undergoes meticulous quality assessment.” Vladyslav Belbas, the dynamic CEO of Ukrainian Armor, further elaborated on the testing, “During these rigorous evaluations, we fired the final product samples, successfully fulfilling our prevailing contract with the Ministry of Defence. Our production spectrum isn’t limited; we are consistently manufacturing mortars of various calibres, extending our support to nearly all the law enforcement agencies. I took a hands-on approach, personally ensuring the safety of our firing mechanisms by loading and discharging 120mm mortar rounds.”

The mortars crafted by Ukrainian Armor are not confined to a single unit but are widely utilized by various factions of the Ukrainian Defence Forces. Reflecting on their operational efficiency, Belbas proudly stated, “We’ve achieved an operational transition, relocating our production, which now boasts high output rates. Our company is zealously working to amplify the inventory of 60mm, 82mm, and 120mm mortars within the military framework.”

Back in August, Belbas highlighted a significant accomplishment, revealing that Ukrainian Armor had transferred an impressive batch of 600 mortars to the Defence Forces of Ukraine.

Further augmenting their portfolio, a report from September 22 unveiled Ukrainian Armor’s collaboration with several NATO nations. This partnership resulted in the successful delivery of thousands of sought-after 122mm high-explosive artillery rounds to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Remarkably, the first consignment, consisting of a thousand of these rounds, reached the Ukrainian military back in August.

Parallelly, Ukrainian Armor continues its innovation journey, engineering new armoured vehicle designs. It’s noteworthy that Ukrainian Armor not only initiates such international collaborations but also stands as the terminal vendor of the resultant products.

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