On Saturday, at least two U.S. troops sustained injuries in attacks on the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, believed to be carried out by Iran-backed militias, according to U.S. officials. Reports are still being collected, and the number of injured may increase. These attacks add to a series of incidents in the Middle East, raising concerns about the potential spillover of the Israel-Hamas conflict. The U.S. and its allies are actively targeting Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen, who continue to launch attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea, vowing to persist until Israel ceases strikes on Gaza. Recent U.S. strikes against the Houthis and retaliatory actions following December’s attacks in Iraq demonstrate the escalating tensions. Iran and Pakistan have also exchanged blows in the Balochistan region, each claiming to target different militant groups. In response to Israel’s attack on Damascus, where five members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard were reportedly killed, Iran has vowed to retaliate. Notably, the Al Asad base in Iraq, predominantly used by Iraq, hosts a U.S. contingent of forces.


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