US & UK Strike Back in Yemen.

The United States and the United Kingdom conducted airstrikes against sites affiliated with the Houthi movement in Yemen. This marks the first such action since the Iran-backed group-initiated attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea late last year. Witnesses in Yemen reported explosions across the country. President Joe Biden warned in a statement on Thursday that further actions could be taken if necessary. Biden emphasized that these targeted strikes convey a strong message against attacks on personnel and threats to freedom of navigation. The UK Ministry of Defence stated that early indications suggest a setback to the Houthis’ capability to endanger merchant shipping. The ongoing strikes represent a significant escalation in the Israel-Hamas conflict in the Middle East since it began in October. According to a U.S. official, the strikes involve aircraft, ships, and submarines, targeting over a dozen locations with the aim of diminishing Houthi military capabilities rather than being merely symbolic.

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